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Portable Bench-Top Barrel Finishing Machine RBD Series > Item # RBD-2

Portable Bench-Top Barrel Finishing Machine - RBD-2

Machine capacities of 2 qt. to 2.2 cubic feet are easily obtained by selecting combinations of our 3 barrel sizes with (1) of (4) available drives.

Specifications - Item # RBD-2, Portable Bench-Top Barrel Finishing Machine RBD Series
Height 14½ in
Width 29 in
Depth 32 in
Horse Power 1/4 hp
Type Drive Motor
Machine Weight 95 lb
Note Overall machine ht. with RB-1 barrel = 17-1/4" Overall machine ht. with RB-2 & RB-3 barrels = 25-1/2 Machine speed with RB-1 barrel = 36-92 RPM Machine speed with RB-2 & RB-3 barrels = 22-54 RPM Overall machine ht. with RB-1 barrel = 17-1/4"


This compact bench-top machine gives you all the performance of larger, more costly equipment - plus the convenience of portability. The RBD Drive is light weight, yet the welded steel construction and dual drive shafts provide power and extreme wear resistance. Model RBD features a positive roller drive, with power applied by four urethane rollers in direct contact with the barrel flanges. The barrel is easily removable by simply lifting it from the drive rollers, thus permitting loading of an extra barrel while processing another on the machine. Model RBD is ideal for delicate parts or experimental finishing, yet tough enough for production lots of smaller parts, even steel ball burnishing.


  • Removable barrel makes it easy to load and unload,with convenient carrying handles.
  • Speed variable 22 to 54 rpm. Easily adjusted by simple turning of handwheel.
  • Smoother, quieter operation; barrel turns on wear-resistant urethane rollers.
  • 4 drive sizes and 3 barrel sizes provide finishing capacities from 2 qts. to 2.2 cubic foot.
  • Seamless vinyl lining assures contamination free finishing.
  • RBD Drives operate on 115 volt, 60 hz, 1 phase electrical power.
  • Thermally protected motor switch is standard.
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