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Low Temperature Tumblers LT Series > Item # 23LT

Low Temperature Tumblers LT Series

Specifications - Item # 23LT, Low Temperature Tumblers LT Series
A 108-1/2 in
B 61-3/4 in
C 52 in
D 80-1/2 in
E 21 in
Door Opening 13-5/8x44-3/4
Capacity 23.0 cu.ft
Horse Power 3 hp
Speed 15-45 rpm


The RAMPART Cryogenic Tumbling Machine barrel is double walled continuous welded inside and out. Both the inner and outer walls are fabricated from 304 stainless steel. The walls are separated by 1-1/2" of foam insulation. The barrel door is also double walled 304 stainless steel with foam insulation. A RAMPART designed cantilever arm assembly attaches the door to the barrel. This assembly allows the door to be locked back during loading and un-loading and the latches pull the door in place to insure a good door seal. Machine speed, temperature and cycle time are critical to the quality of part deflashing, All RAMPART cryogenic machines have "ELECTRONIC" variable speed, with tachometer, temperature controls and cycle timers for both gas and barrel cycle. RAMPART Cryogenic machines also feature the unique "PRE-FREEZE" cycle which rotates the barrel 1/4 turn at a time until it reaches a pre-set temperature. This feature promotes flash to be frozen in an extended position resulting in exposure to breakage. The tumbler drive utilizes the time proven RAMPART Floating Power Drive which assures continuous low maintenance operation. A heavy-duty TEFC brake motor with floating support, capable of repeated jogging, powers the barrel drive. The "ELECTRONIC" Variable Speed controller allows the jog to be programmed to a low speed. This feature gives barrel location control to the operator and the braking system will hold the barrel in any position for loading and unloading.

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