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Model MP Media Pans

Media Pans

MODEL MP MEDIA PANS are time savers in tumble finishing operations. They are ruggedly fabricated of welded steel plate to withstand rough handling. Their low profile and compact design make material handling easier and faster, even with bulky loads. A balanced yoke is available for quick, easy lifting. Ball bearing urethane casters on larger pans permit easy handling with less manpower. The funnel spout fits standard barrel openings and makes loading both faster and simpler. Six standard sizes -0.75 cu. Ft. to 12.0 cu. Ft.- are suitable for high volume production work or customers finishing. Typical uses of the RAMPART Media Pans include: loading steel balls or abrasive media from storage bins into tumbling barrels, unloading large capacity machines and rolling pans from bin to bin while preparing a special media mixture.

0.75 cu. ft.
2.0 cu. ft.
4.0 cu. ft.
6.5 cu. ft.
9.0 cu. ft.
12.0 cu. ft.
18"L x 12"W
31-1/2"L x 24"W
10" H
44-1/4"L x 28"W
52"L x 28"W
63-3/4"L x 28"W
69-2/4"L x 32"W
Outside Spout Dimensions
6-12/16" wide
4-1/2" high
5-1/2" long
6-12/16" wide
4-1/2" high
5-1/2" long
11" wide
7" high
9" long
11" wide
7" high
9" long
13-1/4" wide
8" high
9" long
Net Wt, Pan
8 lbs.
53 lbs.
94 lbs.
170 lbs.
181 lbs.
210 lbs.
Net Wt. Yoke
14 lbs.
14 lbs.
17-1/2 lbs.
17-1/2 lbs.
20 lbs.
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